Virtual Reality Image Processing Tools

Beta version

Converting a standard footage into an immersive video you can experience with VR googles

Imagine you have an old footage. Whenever you play it you go there... Virtual Reality is the way

This is a standard video form youtube for testing purposes

But, what if you could really be there?

With our software, your convert your video into an immersive environment. Depending on the shoot panning, you can get a full immersive experience

In this particular example, you get an approximate 160 horizontal FOV from a approx. 50 degrees of HFOV in the source clip

* The software is in beta phase, so here you see a non fluent video *

What we have

A tool for converting the videos you take from your smartphone into an immersive environment

Several output formats

What we do different to others

There are several tools in the market which allows you to make STILL panoramas...

WE BRING YOUR VIDEOS into a complete immersive experience you can enjoy with any Virtual Reality glasses

What you can do with our software

Create your own 360 videos. NO NEED to buy especial cameras for this, JUST your smartphone

Share your videos with your friends on the social networks

Professional services for filmmakes